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The Difflam® product range

Browse the full range of Difflam® products for sore throats and painful mouth conditions or choose the tab above that describes your symptoms to help you select the right Difflam® sore throat medicine for your needs.

Difflam® Lozenges

Soothing, anti-inflammatory relief of sore throat pain

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Difflam® Forte Throat Spray

Targeted relief of sore throat pain from 60 seconds.*

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Difflam® Solutions

Anti-inflammatory relief from sore throat and mouth pain

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Difflam® Mouth Gel

Fast anti-inflammatory relief from mouth ulcer and gum pain

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Difflam® Antiseptic Sore Throat Gargle

Kills germs and maintain good oral health

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*Data on file, iNova Pharmaceuticals


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